Loudon County, Tennessee

Highway Department


County Road List

Below is a list of the roads maintained by the Highway Department.

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Lake Cove RoadLenore Drive
Lake Crest DriveLeona Drive
Lake DriveLetterman Road
Lake Forest DriveLinder Lane
Lake Harbour DriveLingenfelter Lane
Lake Point DriveLittle Mountain Lane
Lakeland DriveLittle Shubert Road
Lakeland Farms RoadLittle Valley Road
Lakeside DriveLittleton Drive
Lakeview RoadLloyd Lane
Lakewood DriveLong Cove Court
Lane RoadLong Road
Larue RoadLou Goddard Lane
Laura LaneLoudon Ridge Road
Lee Hi LaneLucy Lane
Lee Hi StreetLynn Road
Lee Shirley RoadLynn Wood Drive
Leeper Parkway
Leepers Ferry Road
Lennox Court