Loudon County, Tennessee

Highway Department


County Road List

Below is a list of the roads maintained by the Highway Department.

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Sampson BlvdSmallen RoadSunnyside Road
Sandy Shore DriveSmith Valley RoadSunset Bluff
Scenic DriveSnoodderly RoadSunset Drive
Scenic Hills LaneSnow RoadSunshine Private Lane
Scenic View DriveSpring Road
Shaw Ferry LaneSpring View Road
Shaw Ferry RoadStafford Road
Shaw Ferry Road NStallcup Road
Sheets Hollow RoadSteekee Creek Road
Shelton Grove RoadSteekee Road
Shipley LaneSteekee School Road
Shultz LaneSteele Rd
Silo DriveStevens Lane
Simmons Road (LO)Stevens Road
Simpson Road (LC)Stinnett Road
Simpson Road (LO)Stockton Valley
Simpson Road EastStone Harbor
Sinking Creek RoadStrange Road
Skyview DriveSugarwood Road
Slab Town RoadSummer Glenn Lane